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Best Pests Control Sydney are pleased to announce the launch of a new multi media pest control resource website.

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The founders of Best Pest Control Sydney want their new website to be an authority resource for business and home owners wanting advice on pests and best practices for pest control.

Google is continually striving to seek out authority sites in every niche and promote these high in their search results. Best Pests Control Sydney is looking to grow into one of these authority sites. To qualify, Google is looking for a number of factors to be met. Some of these include:


A/ Engaging and unique content. This is measured by the time visitors stay on the site and the number of pages they refer to.

B/ The number and quality of peer sites that refer to the content via back links.

C/ The sharing of this content by the visitors, showing that it is of such quality that the visitor wants to refer others to it.

D/ The growth in number of visitors to the site. An authority site is expected to be growing visitor numbers, especially returning visitors using the site as a reference source.

The new website covers information from eradication of bed bugs through to rodents. Signs of infestation and methods of their removal.

Mr John Grant, marketing manager of Best Pest Control Sydney said, “Our team have recognised that there is a gap in the market for an independent authority on pest control. He went on to say, “home owners are constantly seeking informed advice and ideas that are free from influence of manufactures exaggerated claims”

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The founders of Best Pests Control Sydney are building a high quality online reference website for those seeking informed advice and help with pests and best practices for pest control.

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