Bulurru Achieve Three Decades Of Promoting Authentic Aboriginal Art

Press Release : 1st July 2016 – Washcole Press Co-op.   Sydney based Bulurru has achieved three decades of promoting authentic Aboriginal art, achieved by collaborating with Indigenous Artists and Communities around the Australian Continent

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In Australia, the artwork of the Indigenous people is brought to you in beautiful fabrics with tribal designs. Inspiration from the spirit world that resides within the native people on this land is highlighted through the design patterns.


Indigenous materials show the great artwork found in many areas of the Northern Territory and Central Australia, such as Mbantua, Uluru, Yuendumu Utopia and Santa Teresa.

The artists work to keep native traditions alive. The skill and knowledge is passed on from generation to generation.

It is important to keep the traditions, since they contribute to establishing an identity for individuals. For children, this is important as it helps to improve positive emotional development.

Each design that has indigenous elements has a story and history behind it. They are created with aboriginal art and constitute a part of Australian history and beyond it.

The aboriginal fabrics have dazzling colors and also organic forms, being regarded as perfect for home decor, wearable art clothing or quilting. It is true that all fabrics are 100% quality cotton and come in various widths.

 About Bulurru Australia

 Bulurru opened in the 80’s, introducing a commercially produced unique collection of Authentic Aboriginal Art designed products, including aboriginal fabrics, tablecloth, indigenous clothing, and accessories.

They were able to achieve this by collaborating with Indigenous Artists and Communities around the Australian Continent who
receive royalties for their designs.

The company is Sydney-based, and incorporate the culture and style of Native Australia into the products ranges. Enlightening the marketplace over the past three decades, Bulurru has evolved and become the leader in the authentic Australian Indigenous Art Market, providing genuine aboriginal fabrics across the country.

Media Contact 

Contact Person: Amelie Bage

Company Name: Bulurru Australia

Address: WD040/87-103 Epsom Road

Rosebery, NSW,  Australia  2018

Phone:  61 (2) 9550 3500

Email: bulurru.social@outlook.com

Website: http://www.bulurru.com/

Aboriginal fabrics: http://www.bulurru.com/aboriginal-fabrics/

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